“It is not important how long one lives, but whether one develops something which can give meaning to life.
What do you wish in life? Why are you on earth?”  — Jeanne de Salzmann

The Gurdjieff Work, simply known as the Work, is a spiritual tradition that points to the heart of all great teachings.

Beyond the satisfactions and dissatisfactions of life, there is a universal yearning to awaken one's true nature.  It may appear as a sense of something missing in my life, a question about why I'm here, or a brief feeling of connection to something larger than me.

Through special practices of attention, the Work provides a method for men and women to prepare a place for higher influences to appear in their lives.  It's a path based on direct experience rather than belief, capable of leading the serious student toward a more intelligent, compassionate, and vibrant existence rooted in consciousness.

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