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The Gurdjieff Work is for people who wish to pursue questions that speak to our essential self. It focuses on the basic experience of ourselves, concrete and available to everyone.

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The Work provides tools to assist in the most fundamental human aspiration: to Awaken.

You are invited to participate in a small group interested in developing self-awareness using the tools of the Gurdjieff tradition. A series of discussions in October will look at topics including:

What Is the Most Common Barrier to Awakening Today, and How Does It Manifest in Your Life?

What Is Your Experience of Self-Awareness? How Do You Maintain It?

You'll have a chance to learn about the main ideas of the Gurdjieff tradition, and explore Work practices in your daily life.

Here there are neither Russians nor English, Jews nor Christians, but only those who pursue one aim — to be able to be.

— Gurdjieff Aphorism