What is the goal of the Work?


For most of us, life happens with little influence  on our part.  I may make decisions about what to eat, where to go, but there is very little influence over the thoughts, feelings and movements that seem to happen on their own. In fact, much of the time we are numb to our life, caught in fleeting experiences which we are quick to label as me, or mine. 

Our work is not to perfect our life but to actually experience it, to watch it, to see how things work inside. Is it possible to understand the meaning of life through observations of oneself? Perhaps.  Once we see, our internal world may change mostly as a response to having been seen. As we are, we cannot change much. What is important is simply seeing what is there, moment by moment.  

As the attention becomes sensitized to seeing what is happening automatically inside, choices could be made that are more intentional.  It becomes possible to unravel the mysteries that influence our actions and thoughts and realize that I no longer wish to succumb to those actions or beliefs.  Things can begin to right themselves, not because I am ‘doing’ something different, but because I can see more clearly and align the choices with my inner landscape.  

As attention grows, so does an apprehension of the reality in which we live.