Work with attention in quiet conditions is one of the central forms of practice in the Gurdjieff tradition. As the capacity for concentrated attention grows, we begin to see more and more clearly, both the truth of our current situation, and the possibility of realizing our full potential as humans here on earth. Gurdjieff used the word sleep to describe our ordinary state. He also gave the means to help open to higher influences, and awaken to our true nature and to a greater reality than we have known. While meditation is a key element on this path, it is also seen as a preparation for bringing consciousness and compassion into everyday life.

Group members are guided in specific meditation practices on workdays and during work periods.  They are encouraged to continue these practices daily at home.

If interested in deepening your meditation practice with regular group sittings, please Contact Us about a Preparatory group. 

In all ancient teachings the beginning of the way to liberation was: know thyself.

— G.I. Gurdjieff