Community Outreach

The Gurdjieff work recognizes the interconnectedness of our various communities, and in that spirit, the Rochester Gurdjieff Center publicly shares what we have practiced in art, literature, nature study, music, and craft. Over the decades we have offered art programs, concerts, nature walks, books, and craft programs to the local community. 

Currently, we offer monthly art programs for children, following NYS curriculum guidelines, placing the class in the continuum of art history, and allowing for creative exploration. A Saturday Studio program for adults provides opportunity to practice drawing and painting, both studio and plein air. Occasionally we open the hall at Stillwood Study Center for classical music concerts.  In addition, we lead a program in local schools that allows students to make cards for active service members and veterans of our country’s armed services.  These "Cards of Thanks", arrive later at local Veteran’s Day ceremonies and other occasions.

In order to awaken, a combination of efforts is needed.

— G.I. Gurdjieff