Introductory Preparatory Group

The Gurdjieff Work is a spiritual tradition for people who wish to discover their true nature through direct experience.  This is not a religious way, though it shares a common aim with the great teachings of the world: liberation. 

The Rochester Gurdjieff Center exists to help members sincerely see and struggle with various parts of themselves in order to develop being. People who find the most value in the Work are those who have tried other paths and been disappointed, or realized that lasting spiritual advancement is impossible without the help of others.  

Introduction into the Rochester Gurdjieff community begins by joining a Preparatory group.   Preparatory group members meet weekly to explore the main ideas of the Gurdjieff tradition, ask questions about the Work, and share observations from their application of Gurdjieff's ideas. 

No prior experience is necessary, just a serious inner search. The Preparatory group accepts interested people on an ongoing basis.

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Here there are neither Russians nor English, Jews nor Christians, but only those who pursue one aim — to be able to be.

 Gurdjieff Aphorism

 Enneagram, by Andre Enard

Enneagram, by Andre Enard