Practical Work

Members of the Rochester Gurdjieff Center meet regularly to engage with the ideas of the Work while attending to ordinary tasks.  Regardless of ability or experience, people are invited to participate in teams devoted to food preparation, pottery, woodworking, weaving, theater, gardening, and the upkeep of Stillwood Study Center.  In these special conditions, practical work becomes a means of sustaining attention and observing our habitual reactions in a new way.  This in turn helps members to carry their practice out into the world, bringing an expanding awareness and capacity to empathize with others in life.

If interested in taking part in events at the Rochester Gurdjieff Center, please Contact Us about joining a Preparatory group. 

Image: Replacing the lodge roof during a summer intensive work period.

Life helps you work. The richness of life helps you work. Not to be dominated by reaction, ego, wish to control.

— Michel deSalzmann